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Friday, May 8, 2009

Toostie Roll

before I saw a fox at nana's and I like toostie rollls I know dogs don't because they will get sick n die. i love my dog daisy so I won't give her tootsie rolls. I love goin to grandma's because she gots a great marble game. in the afternoon, morning n night I get chocolate milk. I still like my mom even though she has red hair. after my ballgame tomorrow I get to go to grandma's. my grandma sleeps with me in her bed all night long. in the morning I get to watch cartoons. my paw paw and I counted all the way 100 that was so much fun. Paw paw drew a guitar n I colored it n gave it to my teacher mrs. corde she was so proud. well I hope u had a good time reading my blog now i'm saying goodbye to you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I think

Sometime one of my friends beez mean to me. Outside sometimes no one lets me play. My brother beez nice to me. Well, my tball team wins the games. We have good players. My mom is the nicest mom in the whole wide world. Daisy is the bestest dog in the world. Daisy looks so beautiful. My mom's eyes sparkles really bright and it looks so pretty. Well, Daisy is the fastest runner. Daisy can chase you anywhere you go she'll follow you. Me, Babygirl, does look like my mommy. i is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. My brother blows gas alot in his room in the bed at night. Dad stinks the bathroom up and I smell it when I'm in the shower. My mommy looks so pretty. Daisy is very heavy. Me and my brother and mommy and daddy can't even pick her up. She's really really heavy. The airplanes fly so high. Sometimes Daisy will sleep with you. Cause Daisy sleeps with me and Daisy is laying down right now. Her so sleepy maybe I can sleep with her cause I love her very very much. I kiss her on the lips and hug her on the neck cause her feels so good to me. I like Daisy a bunch. I might see a deer before I sawed a deer and it was a girl and boy one. The girl one looked so pretty the boy one looked so handsome. Once Mia bit my friend.